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We are excited to offer a superb three night wellness break in the stunning surroundings of Ulverston. Take the opportunity to relax, unwind and re-energise through a variety of different wellness experiences




I have over 20 years’ experience as a nurse working within the NHS and for the last 16 years have specialised in supporting people who live with chronic conditions and complex wounds.

About Annabelle

I am Annabelle, the founder of Health & Harmony which is a complimentary therapy business I run with my Partner David. Health & Harmony offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments, wellbeing coaching and Sports Massage (which is David’s speciality).

We have recently developed a passion for running wellbeing retreats to encompass our principles of wellbeing.

I have 20 years’ experience as a nurse working within the NHS and for the last 16 years have specialised in supporting people who live with chronic conditions and complex wounds.

My passion is helping people and wanting to make a positive impact on their lives by giving them the knowledge and skills they need to successfully self-care.

My desire to start a new journey in the field of complimentary therapy began in 2013 after suffering with the acute and chronic symptoms of back pain. I found myself being caught up in a vicious circle of having x-rays, MRI and CT scanning which all showed different results from degeneration in various parts of my spine as well as arthritis to which I received no intervention or management plan to help me improve my state of health which had a negative impact on my well-being.

The pain and discomfort I experienced was taking over my life and the medical model continued to prescribe a variety of medication to mask the symptoms I was suffering rather than dealing with the actual cause.

I then went onto to develop anxiety due to the pain I was suffering and the lack of support I received.

However, this life experience led me independently into the world of complimentary therapy and now I have the skills and experience to help others using a variety of different wellbeing approaches.




My aim as a sports massage therapist is to help people to achieve their personal health goals, whether it be recovering from a physical injury or helping people improve their physical and mental wellbeing.


I am David, the co-founder and Sports Massage Therapist of Health & Harmony.

I have always had a passion for sports from a young age and thoroughly enjoyed playing football competitively throughout my youth.

I have also enjoyed a variety of sports over the years with varying degrees of success such as tennis, squash, cycling, running, cricket, rugby and climbing. My background in sports helps me understand the importance of preparing and recovering the body when taking part in sporting activities.

I currently hold a Level 4 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy through the nationally renowned Sports Massage Academy, and continue to develop my expertise in this field. I have a strong passion for learning how the body functions and what is required to reduce pain, dysfunction and improve performance to enhance a person’s quality of life.

In my role as a sports massage therapist I aim to help people to achieve their personal health goals, whether it be recovering from a physical injury or helping people improve their physical and mental wellbeing.



Yoga Teacher

I am a positive psychology coach, wellbeing practitioner, mindfulness coach and yoga teacher who loves to practice and promote wellbeing to enhance people’s lives

About Jill

I am Jill Okunow, I am a former solicitor who a few years ago had a complete change of direction. I now I work as a Positive Psychology Coach and Wellbeing Practitioner having gone back to university and studied Applied Positive Psychology with Coaching Psychology. It was during this post graduate study that I was introduced to Mindfulness Meditation.

I became fascinated with mindfulness, its history, the science of mindfulness and more importantly its value in building well-being. As a consequence I trained with Professor Itai Itzvan to teach Mindfulness Meditation and with Youth Mindfulness to teach mindfulness to young people.

I believe Mindfulness is beneficial for everyone. It’s a way of living your life. It is about learning to be aware of and accepting feelings and emotions and not getting caught up in them. Mindfulness does not remove the stress of our daily lives but provides us with tools to manage our stress, reduce anxiety, increase self -compassion, improve resilience and promote well-being. It is through meditation that one practises the skills of mindfulness.

I have practised yoga for approximately 15 years and recently had the opportunity to train as a yoga teacher which I grabbed with both hands. I love yoga and how it makes me feel, physically and mentally. I qualified as a Yoga Alliance Professional Yoga Teacher in December 2020 with a Distinction.

Yoga is a physical practise for everyone. It does not matter how old you are (I qualified to teach at 57), whether male or female you can benefit from practising yoga. It helps with flexibility, balance and strength. It also teaches patience, focus and respect for what your body can learn to do



As a coeliac and self-professed foodie I strive to support others others and promote healthy eating via my personal blogs and social channels to get the very best from a tasty, vegetarian, gluten free diet

About Kayley

I am Kayley, I have spent the last seventeen years living with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease. I believe eating well and regular physical activity should be prioritised by everyone.

As a coeliac and self-professed foodie, leading a gluten free lifestyle has required a lot of creativity and experimentation, and I have thoroughly enjoyed developing, my website which showcases the best of tasty, vegetarian, gluten free food in the hope of supporting others experiencing similar paths.

The accompanying blog and daily food feed has been well-received, and knowing they may have helped individuals along the way is extremely rewarding.

Food should be tasty, balanced and nutritional and I love to showcase dishes that reflect these principles.

I work in healthcare as a therapist, and believe there are multiple factors involved in people feeling happy and healthy.

Within the Health and Harmony retreats, I hope to bring my vegetarian, gluten free eats to support healthy digestion, energy release, and balanced nutrition.

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