Holistic Treatments

Our signature treatments are unique and tailored to meet your individual needs
We use the exceptional award winning JemmaCo balm which contains pure essential oils and these are therapeutic for reducing stress, tension, pain, anxiety and depression including a wide range of other health related conditions


Planning a Pregnancy?

recommended fortnightly until conception

This calming treatment helps to prepare and balance the body for conception by reducing stress levels, encouraging ovulation and the restoration of hormonal balance

The therapy is deeply relaxing and helps to improve your overall reproductive health, increasing the potential for pregnancy

From – £20.00

Recommended fortnightly until conception. Book a 30 minute treatment for £20 or a 60 minute treatment for £40

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Bespoke pregnancy treatments

2nd & 3rd Trimester only

This relaxing treatment increases the “feel good hormones”, relieves muscle tension, helps to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. This package includes a soothing back massage, with a relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Incorporating gentle abdominal massage and acupressure to the feet to help and support the symptoms of pregnancy. Hip and gluteal massage can be incorporated if mum to be is symptomatic

1 hour – £45.00

Postnatal treatments are also available to help restore natural the hormonal balance following the birth of your baby

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Mix & Match full body Indulgence

a choice of four different complimentary therapies rolled into one

Treat yourself to a fantastic balancing experience which includes a choice of four different complimentary therapies rolled into one. Shape your bespoke treatment by choosing how you would like to spend your invigorating hour from a choice of – Reiki with crystal healing, facial acupressure, foot acupressure, Swedish back massage or a deeper treatment using the soothing hot stone and warm Bamboo therapy

1 hour – £45.00

All these treatments are used in combination throughout the treatment depending on your preference

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Swedish full body massage

Bespoke Massage Treatment

This treatment incorporates a combination of different massage techniques which are relaxing and soothing to your muscles. This bespoke treatment begins at your feet working up each leg individually, continuing up the body to the abdomen (client preference only) then the hands/arms, face, head, neck and shoulders.

The next phase of the treatment begins on the back of each leg before moving up onto the back, neck and shoulders to finish

1 hour – £45.00

There are numerous benefits to a Swedish massage such as relaxation, stress reduction, increasing flexibility, the removal of toxins, improving posture, improving sleep and the circulation

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Swedish Back Massage

Bespoke Back treatment

This bespoke treatment focuses on the whole back, neck, shoulders and scalp. This therapy helps to soothe tired muscles by improving the flow of blood and lymph helping to enhance skin tone.

This treatment is perfect for ligament, tendon and muscle tension or simply an exceptional treat for the body.

30 mins – £30.00

The key benefits being stress reduction, increasing flexibility, the removal of toxins, relaxation, improving posture, improving sleep and the circulation

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Deep tissue back treatment

incorporates a soothing heat treatment
This therapy focuses on the whole back, neck, shoulders and scalp. The treatment incorporates a combination of different massage techniques which allow contact to the deeper layers of muscle. This is particularly effective for people with chronic muscular pain, knots, adhesions or general muscle tightness

Another benefit of this intensive treatment is to encourage the removal of additional toxins held inside the overworked muscles which allows them to strengthen and heal

45 Mins – £40.00

This treatment incorporates soothing hot stones and warm bamboo to ensure a deeper treatment

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Wellness coaching

Restore your life balance

Are you feeling out of balance with your life due to stress at work or in the home, maybe you have a poor relationship with food or struggling to sleep or have a lack of motivation to exercise?

I can help you feel more content and connected to your life by supporting you with some of these areas to help improve your overall health and wellness

If you want to move your life forward then wellness coaching could be the answer

1 hour – £60.00

Wellness coaching is a supportive process to help guide you through your personal or professional difficulties

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Reiki and crystal therapy

Reiki is a natural healing system
Reiki is a safe and natural healing system that induces deep relaxation helping to heal the mind, body and soul. Reiki can bring emotional balance, mental clarity and self-awareness as well as a reduction in pain, anxiety and stress

The treatment is best received lying down, although it can also be given in a seated position and the clothing does not need to be removed

The treatment begins with slow inhalation of your chosen balm to calm and relax the body, followed by a soothing Indian head massage as an introduction to the treatment

45 Mins – £35.00

Crystal therapy can also be used during the session to enhance the experience as each area of the body is brought back into balance

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Jemma Co signature Detox treatment

helps to detoxify a number of ailments within the body

This treatment uses specific techniques and massage points to stimulate the body’s natural detox mechanism

The therapy focuses on the legs, back, stomach, neck and feet, helping to ease the symptoms of many health conditions such as ME, fibromyalgia, general aches and pains and arthritis

60 Mins – £45.00

Also beneficial for clients wanting to lose weight or reduce the appearance of cellulite

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Jemma Co signature Aqua cushion massage

Deeply Relaxes and loosens muscles
This treatment focuses on the whole back, legs, neck, shoulders, arms and feet. The therapy is performed on cushions that are filled with warm water which allow your muscles to loosen and deeply relax ensuring a highly effective massage

The therapy is performed face up giving you the sensation of floating on water

60 Mins – £45.00

Acupressure to the face or feet can also be incorporated if desired

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Book and pay for six of our treatments together and receive a 10% discount from the total cost

Advanced booking is highly recommended

PLEASE NOTE: We require 48 hours’ notice for changes or cancellations for all treatments. There may be a 50% charge if you do not attend your appointment. Gift vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of issue. We thank you in advance for your understanding

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