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What Should I Wear?

We will ask that you wear loose fitting clothes such as shorts, a t-shirt or sports vest to each appointment

Prior to any treatment, we will need to go through your medical history and any possible contraindications (they may be medical reasons that mean we are unable to massage you)

Please be honest as this is for your own safety

If you have been referred by your GP or physiotherapist then please bring your referral letter (all information is kept confidential in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018)

What to Expect

Sports Massage Treatment in Keighley – What to Expect

Initial Assessment

We can conduct an initial assessment before your first session which is used to assess any postural imbalances and soft tissue restrictions which may be causing, or could lead to, dysfunction and pain in your body, either in everyday life or during sporting activity

In essence, we will try to help you identify the cause of your problem, if you don’t know already, and set you a treatment plan, if this is appropriate

If you would just like to attend for a single maintenance session and do not want an initial assessment, then this can be accommodated

The Sports Massage Process

The massage itself will involve warming up the muscles, helping you and your muscles to relax. We will then use a variety of deep massage techniques to help increase blood flow to the area and improve muscle function

If it will be of benefit, we can also incorporate some stretching (muscle energy techniques) and soft tissue release to help increase the range of motion and function of any tight/shortened muscles, helping to restore balance to your body

Don’t worry, our aim is not to cause any pain or make your massage uncomfortable, but to improve your health, wellness and performance, and we will gain your feedback throughout. It’s your treatment and for your benefit

Session Follow on

At the end of the session, we can email you a personal exercise plan to help stretch and strengthen any issues identified, and assist with any rehabilitation

Side Effects

Please note that sports massage can cause some short term side effects such as nausea, skin rashes, increased tiredness, dehydration, aches and pains and bruising. Afterwards we recommend you drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine and alchohol and take plenty of rest.


We will try to help you identify the cause of your problem, if you don’t know already, and set you a treatment plan, if necessary


Holistic Wellness Therapies & Coaching

Our signature treatments are unique and tailored to meet your specific needs

We use the exceptional award winning JemmaCo balm which is organic and contains pure essential oils. These are therapeutic for reducing stress, tension, pain, anxiety and depression including a wide range of other health related conditions


Book and pay for six of our treatments together and receive a 10% discount from the total cost

Advanced booking is highly recommended

PLEASE NOTE: We require 48 hours’ notice for changes or cancellations for all treatments. We thank you for Understanding!

There may be a 50% charge if you do not attend your appointment

Contact us for further information:

TEL: 01535 602995

Or book directly online