What to Expect

What to expect from Trauma Resolution?

TR differs from other types of intervention in a number of fundamental ways.


First and foremost, TR isn’t a “therapy”.

There is nothing clinical or medical about it. It is best described as an “integrative learning experience”.

That sounds a bit complicated but in fact the opposite is true. You will simply be reviewing things that are already within your own experience.

Sessions are not time limited. Unlike counselling or psychotherapy, TR sessions don’t have a time limit. Most other interventions are provided on the basis of 60-minute sessions provided on a regular basis over a period of weeks or months.

Each session will work towards what we call an “end point” which will be apparent to you when it occurs.

The technique can deliver results extremely quickly when compared with other counselling or therapeutic interventions. Of course, this means that its very cost effective and you won’t be required to make endless appointments.

The sessions are conducted in a “safe space”. This means a quiet and comfortable environment where there won’t be any interruptions or disturbances.

This may be a consulting room, or it could even be in your own home if that is your preference.

Sessions can also be conducted over Skype or Zoom, provided we have the “safe space” at both ends.

You will not be hypnotised or subjected to any procedure which alters your awareness. You will be in complete control of all of your mental faculties at all times.

There’s nothing weird or bizarre about Trauma Resolution!

You can expect to feel significantly better even after just one session. In fact, if the issue causing you problems is obvious to you and related to a single, clearly identified experience, your trauma may be resolved in just one session.

Other more complex cases will take longer. In either scenario, you will never be left feeling worse than when you began the session.


TR can be emotionally challenging. You may experience some degree of distress when you begin to address the mental material which lies at the heart of the matter. However, this is a really positive sign that you are properly engaging with the correct material and as the session progresses, that level of discomfort will quickly diminish until you reach a point where the emotional responses are gone.

If you don’t feel ready to tackle some issues because it’s too scary, that’s fine, there are some lighter techniques we can use to get you ready for deeper work down the track.

Remember, it’s all person centred, so you’ll never be forced to do anything you’re not comfortable with.



Trauma Resolution Practitioner

I’m Don and I’m a certified Trauma Resolution practitioner. I use ground breaking techniques to alleviate or even fully resolve symptoms caused by psychological trauma.

As a former police officer I worked with many victims of crimes who had been traumatised by their experiences and later I spent 9 years working with families who had been bereaved by murder and manslaughter.

Consequently, I’m no stranger to the debilitating impact of trauma.