What is Trauma?

Well the simple answer to that is absolutely anything that has caused us mental distress or overwhelmed us emotionally


This might be something like being physically attacked or being involved in a road accident where we perceive that our life has been under threat. On the other hand, it could be something that many people may regard as being quite trivial such as breaking a fingernail.

The point is, psychological trauma is entirely subjective. It is how the individual perceives the incident which is the defining factor.

Something which is traumatic to one person, may not cause trauma in another.

There are many things at play when we consider whether or not someone will become traumatised, but essentially, it is an individual reaction, unique to that person and the circumstances in which they find themselves at that moment when they experience something which overwhelms them emotionally.



Trauma Resolution Practitioner

I’m Don and I’m a certified Trauma Resolution practitioner. I use ground breaking techniques to alleviate or even fully resolve symptoms caused by psychological trauma.

As a former police officer I worked with many victims of crimes who had been traumatised by their experiences and later I spent 9 years working with families who had been bereaved by murder and manslaughter.

Consequently, I’m no stranger to the debilitating impact of trauma.