Tennis Elbow

“Tennis elbow” can be a common problem from playing tennis, which is caused by the muscles and tendons which attach to the outside of your elbow being overused and becoming tight, resulting in the tendons rubbing on the elbow joint (this can also be caused by every day activities, such as decorating)

Common Injuries and symptoms experienced in Racket SPORTS

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Any undue tension in the triceps could reduce the ability to take the arm back into the serving position and therefore have an impact on both speed and power of the serve. Restriction in the triceps will also impact the follow through of a serve, which is associated with fast and powerful rotation at the elbow and shoulder

The action of bringing the racket arm into a backhand position may also be impaired through tightness both at the elbow and at the shoulder, and there may be increased potential for injuries in other areas, for example the low back, as the trunk is engaged to gain necessary rotation


In the squash forehand drive, the wrist moves and rotates rapidly. Any restriction of the wrist muscles will limit the ability and speed of the necessary wrist movement and potentially lead to ‘tennis elbow’ or ‘squash elbow’


As with many racket sports, a rotator cuff injury can be common in Badminton along with tennis elbow. Repeated rotation of the shoulder joint when bringing back the arm to hit the shuttlecock, and repeated overhead movements, could result in impingement, inflammation, or even a tear from fatigued and overused muscle


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