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Symptoms experienced in Leisure Sports such as swimming & bowling

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General leisure activities can also come with their own issues and problems


Shoulder impingement problems are common in swimmers. A common cause is tight pectoral muscles, resulting in the development of a ‘round-shouldered posture’. This can, for instance, result in an impingement in the shoulder during the overarm stroke, or cause restriction in other shoulder muscles which have an impact on the coordinated action required to achieve an efficient stroke

Crown Green and Lawn Bowls

A successful delivery in bowling is dependant on correct arm movement. A biceps restriction would prevent a smooth backswing because of the two joint nature of the muscle across the shoulder and the elbow. It would also affect the forward delivery by limiting a smooth and full extension of the elbow


We use a range of deep massage techniques to help increase the range of motion and function of any tight or shortened muscles, helping to restore balance to your body, whether in sport or everyday life

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