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Everyday Tasks Taken for Granted

Here are a list of activities which we sometimes take for granted until we notice a problem.

For example, for most people tasks such as brushing the hair are taken for granted as simple task. However, it can become painful or impossible to do if there are restrictions in any number of the shoulder girdle muscles.

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Many people notice neck restrictions for the first time when their ability to rotate their head to look over their shoulder when driving is compromised. This can be caused by tightness in almost any or all of the head and neck muscles


Everyday walking is something taken for granted until there is a problem. Restrictions of quadriceps and hamstrings can affect how we walk and how easy it is for us to perform this activity. Restrictions in the quadriceps will reduce the ability to flex the knee, which may make stepping over raised objects difficult and require more hip flexion. Restricted hamstrings will shorten stride and make fast walking difficult and energy intensive. For older people who have less muscle strength, this can prove debilitating.


Using a keyboard or mouse for long periods whilst working on a computer is common. In the long term the wrist may be held in slight extension, thus shortening the muscles that extend the wrist, whilst at the same time the muscles which flex the fingers are shortened. This combination can potentially lead to shortening/rigidity of the finger muscles and a weakened grip, as well as compression at the wrist and an increased risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Bending Over

This is an everyday activity which is taken for granted until a problem arises. Bending over can be severely affected by tightness in the back muscles. Tight hamstrings can force the abdominals to work harder, potentially leading to long term tightness. Tight spinal muscles in the back can prevent normal motion and increase the need for excessive hip flexion, resulting in greater compression on the lower back/spine. In the long term, this will inhibit simple activities, including sitting on a chair and getting up again.

Foot Problems

Tightness in many of the ankle and intrinsic foot muscles can cause changes in the shape of the foot, for example claw toe and cavus foot – all of which affect its ability to function normally. This can lead to increased pressure on the metatarsal heads, and the development of hard skin and pain from pressure on shoes.

Washing and Dressing

Basic everyday activities such as washing and dressing can be severely limited by restrictions in the muscles which flex and extend the elbow. Washing the hair and under the arms can be impossible with restricted triceps, as shoulder and elbow flexion would be limited. At worst, even eating becomes difficult. Contracting the biceps could make putting on a shirt or a coat more difficult.


We use a range of deep massage techniques to help increase the range of motion and function of any tight or shortened muscles, helping to restore balance to your body, whether in sport or everyday life

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