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Common Cycling injuries and Issues

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Road Cycling and Mountain Biking

Road cycling requires long periods of head and neck extension. This will often lead to tight head and neck extensor muscles (towards the back of the neck and upper back), which can cause upper back pain and headaches.
Cycling also requires the use of all hip joint muscles

A restriction in the iliopsoas (which runs from the abdomen to the top of the thigh) will potentially increase low back pain and lead to compensatory shortening in leg extension or external rotation of the lower limb

Tightness in the TFL can lead to a less efficient cycling style, as the hip, knee and ankle co-ordination is affected. In the long term this can also lead to trochanteric bursitis as the tendons rub on the top of the femur (at the hip joint)


We use a range of deep massage techniques to help increase the range of motion and function of any tight or shortened muscles, helping to restore balance to your body, whether in sport or everyday life

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