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Injuries experienced by Climbing & outdoor activities

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Climbing activities place considerable stress on the wrist and hand joints, and specifically the forearm muscles

The muscles in the forearm are key muscles in many climbing grips and prone to injury. Any restriction in these muscles is therefore likely to lead to early fatigue and inability to form a proper grip, or cause muscle injury

Hiking and Hill Walking

If your glute muscles (buttock muscles) are not firing correctly, this can lead to pain in your lower back or knees when walking long distances, as the glutes are key to leg extension and stabilising the hips when walking, so this causes other muscles around to overcompensate, such as your TFL, QL and erector spinae


We use a range of deep massage techniques to help increase the range of motion and function of any tight or shortened muscles, helping to restore balance to your body, whether in sport or everyday life

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